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We’ve ALWAYS has incredible experiences with This site is freaking awesome. Although it doesn’t have the scale and member base of a, the intent with which women join is 100% clear. They want to fuck someone. This means A NO BULLSHIT APPROACH when it comes to hooking up. If you’re chatting with her for more than a day, you will get to sleep with her. As long as you can manage to get her to meet you. Early evening meetings are best – right after work if possible.

The site’s is fantastic to use, and deserves amazing praise for simply nailing the ‘just have sex’ online dating niche. You’ll have to fight hard to get the attention of girls on this site, given there’s (as usual) a lot of guys trying to get them in the sack. Be original and witty. Women who are this explicit in their desires will sleep with any guy they find both attractive and funny. Make her laugh, and you’ll be all set. Also – get a good pic to post on Pics matter.


Measure Information
Overall Site Rating 7 out of 10
Site Look & Feel Excellent
Guy to Girl Ratio 2 girls to 4 guys
Initiated Contact With 95 outgoing emails
Replies Received 15 serious replies
Total Resulting Dates 12 dates (distinct women)
Total Resulting Hookups 8 hookups (distinct women)

===PREVIOUS REVIEW from OCTOBER 2, 2009== is the absolute best adult dating website we found. Hooking up on is freakin’ easy, given women on there are ready to simply get laid. The guy-to-girl ratio is pretty damn good, and a pure-sex website.  You have to put some time into hunting down the girls, and you’ll always get some that don’t respond – but hey – that’s online dating for you. Oh – did we mention has webcam chat? That’s even better than posting a video of yourself. BAM. You can easily get someone on webcam and just talk them into bed. Awesome! This certainly aids you to get to know the girl you’re talking to (although: if you’re like us, you don’t really care all that much about personality). We saw that by using, we went from first email to sex  in less than 6 hours – which is damn good. The girls on are a little younger than you’d find on other dating websites. Also – they are generally prettier. This isn’t a surprise to us given that does well with university students and a younger set of  professionals who just don’t have time for bars and nightclubs, but still want to get laid regularly.

Here are our stats for of our 2 month long review of the site.: UPDATED Statistics

Measure Information
Overall Site Rating 7 out of 10
Site Look & Feel Very Good
Guy to Girl Ratio 1 girl to 4 guys (yep!)
Initiated Contact With 60 outgoing emails
Replies Received 10 serious replies
Total Resulting Dates 9 dates (distinct women)
Total Resulting Hookups 8 hookups (distinct women)

1. <BEST_NAME1> is by far the best site we could find out there for hooking up. It’s great for a few reasons. The first is that the ratio of women to men is very good. You still have to do a little bit of hunting, and there are always the mandatory girls that never respond. The second is that this booty call site has great communication features including webcam chat. This really helps you get to know the person you’re talking to, and actually reduces your time-to-score. We saw that through this site, we went from Meet-to-Mack in less then 4 hours, with little effort.

In general, we found the girls on this site to be younger and prettier, probably because it ranks well with graduate students and younger professionals.

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